Net Neutrality

Our great nation’s founding principle of each soul’s right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness is founded in part upon free markets and free thought. The moment one group or individual can impede, funnel, or curtail either of those exchanges to better only their ends or purse, diminishes, erodes, and chips away at the very bedrock of The Grand Experiment.

This Thanksgiving holiday week, the Federal Communications Commission is set to dismantle landmark regulations that ensure equal access for all to the internet. The end game here is solely to clear the path for internet service companies and corporations to charge users more to see only the content that they have put in place. You will only see and hear what they would have you see and hear, or pay more to do otherwise.

The following is a current petition logged with the White House government website:

“Net Neutrality (NN) makes it illegal for ISPs to “throttle” your internet content. Throttling allows them to choose how fast, and even if, you can have functional access to certain websites. This paves the way for having different plans for different speeds you can visit websites. Currently you can use the internet at full speed for all websites. With Net Neutrality repealed not only would you pay for the internet service but you would pay for one of their plans to allow faster internet.

“In 2016, the public and United States Appeals Court disapproved of an effort to repeal NN. We are aware that repealing NN will only benefit the monopolized internet service providers. The public overwhelming has its best interests in NN as it protects the consumer, and thus we stand to keep NN in effect.”

I urge you to let your voice be heard on the Net Neutrality issue.

And, if you want to go a step further, speak directly to those who are making this decision for you:

Ajit Pai –

Mignon Clyburn –

Michael O’Reilly – Mike.O’

Brendan Carr –

Jessica Rosenworcel –

If we are idle, come the new year we will all be paying more to have less.



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