A family and community become swept-up in a tempest of violence and tragedy.

After John Sayre starts slipping off at odd hours from the family farm, his wife Frances begins to suspect that he’s joined a newly-revived chapter of the Ku Klux Klan.  By the time their young son discovers the corpse of a lynched black man along the side of a nearby dirt road, Frances Sayre has had enough.  But John hasn’t joined the ranks of the murderous KKK as his wife fears.  Just the same, John’s secret has the potential to destroy their marriage, if not so much more.

What comes to pass over those heated days of summer, none on any side could have imagined, or wanted.

Kirkus Reviews named CICADA “new and notable” as well as awarded it “Best Indies of 2012” status, calling it a beautifully crafted tale with well-drawn characters, adding, “Be sure to read this steamy Southern noir in the AC.”

Special thanks to Julie Rey for her fabulous cover photo.

2 thoughts on “CICADA

  1. Hi Eric,
    I am embarrassed to ask this, but is there anyway I could buy an autographed copy of Cicada? If not, I understand:) Ruby

  2. Ruby,

    I’m honored you should ask. Shoot me your mailing address to laing.eric@gmail dot com. I’d be more than happy to gift you a copy marked up with my chicken scratch.


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